Helsingin LVI-Huolto Oy

The Best Plumbing company in Town

We are able to help you in all matters concerning plumbing. You can count on us even in urgent matters. Our business is based on individual households’ and business premises’ plumbing installations and repair works. Our employees have extensive background on customer service.

Our services include

  • Repairs and installations
  • Repairs of water furnitures
  • Pipe line restructuring
  • Surface humidity measurements
  • Opening of sewer blocks
  • Defrosting of pipes
  • Water and sewage pipe leak repairs
  • Bathroom and apartment renovations
  • Radiator valve replacement works
  • Supervising
  • Buildings of all water, sewerage and heating systems, maintenance and installation
  • Floorheating systems
  • Boiler maintenance and installation

Your plumbing problems will be history

With our competitive prices you can have plumbing repairs / installations done in no time. Most plumbing repairs and installations are considered as household services from which you can get tax reductions – up to 2250 euros per year. Please contact Finnish tax authorities for more information.

We are using Adminet-software, which enables us to monitor all of our works closely and efficiently.

As our client you will be more than satisfied. We appreciate and value our customers highly. Great customer service is our pride!

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